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3200 man said:
Proper gun fit is a personal thing as the dimensions on factory store bought guns are setup for the average built shooter .
Sometimes it works and other times it's a hair off ! If you understand the basic's of gun fitting ( which is easy to understand )
but it take REAL know how when you get into the finer points of adjustment . Most hunting guns only need a few minor
adjustments to be in the ball park as there usually isn't much time setting up before we shoot or our feet are tangled-up
in the mud or vegetation not allowing us to mount the gun properly .

Here are a couple suggestions to make your gun shoot where you're looking ! Or rather make you look where the gun is shooting LOL Wayne Getzky said that part of the reason for his success was that he always looked to where the the puck was going to be when he got there , not where it was now. Lost

LOP.......take in consideration the time of year you are shooting what clothes you wear .
POA......gun mount , when your gun mount is the same (or as close as can be) your gun fit will be more accurate .
POI .....with a pattern that's center horizontal being the MOST important adjustment , are the others are easy .
Cast.....With cast-off being for RIGHT handed shooters , POI will depend on how chubby your cheeks are ( 1/8" can move
the patterns center 4" at 40 yds ) use shims if your lucky , otherwise leave it to stock fitter ,IMT !

All your test shooting should be with a FULL (.035) Choke with lead shot.......a MOD (.020 ) with steel shot ( 4's ,3, 2 and 1's )

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LOP needs to be determined up front. Good rule of thumb, you need two to three finger widths from the tip of your nose to your first thumb knuckle when the gun is mounted comfortably. Do this while standing in your normal shooting position. This takes into account that you will not always stand like that so there is a little wiggle room as you would say. It is important to understand not to cut off a stock if you don't fully understand what you are doing. Example, if your LOP is 1/2 '' to long and you cut your stock off 1/2" you just ruined your stock. To shorten you LOP 1" you only need to cut off 9/32" or roughly 1/4".

The next thing is eye dominance. Ensure you know which is your dominate eye. If you are right handed and left eye dominate this can be tough. Don't want to get into that now.

Next is consistency. If you do not mount, shoulder, and apply your cheek to the comb consistently every time you will be chasing yourself as it pertains to gun fitting. Practice mounting your gun about 50 times per day for a week before making adjustments. This builds muscle memory and mounting consistency.

Since most shotguns are designed from the manufacture for a standard or average size man or woman careful considerations need to be made about fitting. There is a new fitting tool on the market that works pretty good. The Shot Fit by shooting concepts. I'll provide the link. Hope this helps. (

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sxr12 said:
I notice several guys in this post are quite skilled in the description and fitting of shotguns. I have a question for you gents. Having purchased a new shotgun ( Franchi Affinity 12 ga) I'm a bit curious about the spacers that come with the gun and the ones that change the "cast" of the gun. Realizing that each shooter is built differently, how would a shooter know which cast spacer would be better or worse for their shooting style? Is it better to have someone observe you mounting the gun and based on their findings then alter the shotgun with the appropriate spacers?
The reason I ask is it seems futile to mount or change a spacer on your own not knowing if your sight plain has improved. I gather the best way would be to do so at the range and keep shooting clay birds while making changes? Seeing an improvement in shooting performance would provide the answer? Thanks for your replies in advance.
franchi stock fit info

The above might be of help.
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