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Harvest Surveys

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I also have this posted in the Canada Duck Hinting Forum but thought that it might get more of a read here.
How many of you accross this Great Nation (continent) participate in the annual water fowl surveys? This is the one where you send in the right side wing off of harvested ducks and the tail section from geese and do you ever receive any feed back from this survey?
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I participated in the Wing Survey several times. I got a letter from the Dept. of the Interior, Fish & Game Service thanking me. :thumbsup:
No greg I cant say I have but it is something to think about for next year. :thumbsup:
never even heard about it. how do you get info on it???
duckdog said:
never even heard about it. how do you get info on it???
What he said!

Call your federal wildlife service or wait to be randomly selected from the number of permits sold in your state/province.
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