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Has Anyone Been to Diego Garcia?

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Hey everyone,

Im in the navy stationed at Nas Jacksonville But will be leaving Early next year for Diego and was just wondering if any of yall have ever been there and maybe could tell me a little bit about the island.
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Thanks for the info guys. Diego was my first choice aside from trying to extend here at Nas jax. I absolutely love to saltwater fish so i think i will be in heaven for a year More inshore but i do know quite a bit about offshore as well. I chose Jax over keywest this past time i was up for orders so atleast im still getting to a "tropical" atmosphere just for a little while this go round with orders...

quack: No particular questions for anyone just wondering if anyone had been there and how their expierience was. I hear its a great place to go if you love to fish so thats why that was my first choice. I think can do without ducks for atleast one year...aahhhh sacrafices lol!
Can't complain so far scott....Caught my first 3 up to 30 lbs, and had my first "WHOLE" tuna until a biga$$ shark ate everything but the head...Est. at about 30-40 lbs imagining the body still intact! lol...we'll see if i can do another 11 mos. I think i'll be good as long as i keep getting good reports back about hank!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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