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Yesterday I was hunting alone up north, after sitting in the blind without seeing much most of the morning. I started thinking about this cafe in the closest town. Well to say the least hunger got the best of me. when I returned to the truck I was thinking should I take off me waders or leave them on and things like that.... I set down my shotgun on the ice there and took off my waders jumped in the truck and took off. Well I was enjoying a hot meal when I started thinking I wonder if I picked up my shotgun.... I thought oh of course I did I am not that stupid. So I finished a great breakfast ,and headed out to the truck I thought I had better check to make sure about the gun thing well all I had was an empty case. My heart sunk.....I was headed back to hunt the rest of the day anyway, but boy I got there fast. well when I got there there was my Browning Gold sitting right there where I had left it my tire tracks went right over the stock. Boy am I lucky on many counts and stupid on several others. I would like to poke myself with a sharp stick.e :help: :oops: :umm:

fortunatly there was no damage to the gun.

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