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I think we are 'beat' up here in NH. It looks like I am heading to CT this weekend.

I'm not sure what the story really is on the birds right now. We had a two week period of outstanding hunts on the Bays in mid Dec, but the past two weeks have been very poor. On the 1st and 2nd I got one shot at a black, heard three sets of shots (don't know what at) and saw one goose fall. I saw a few high flying birds and that's it. I stayed home on Sat and Sun and my contacts had the same poor action.

Some folks think there will be one more push of birds this last weekend of the season. It is going to be brutally cold at the end of the week. That will freeze everything and concentrate what birds are around again. My thought is that the birds have left.

On that note - my contacts in CT say there is outstanding action - geese and mallards. So, unless I hear a different story, I am heading south on Thursday morning.
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