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Greetings from myself and the ever popular Ky forum. I hope your perspective duck & goose seasons were more profitable than mine, in terms of actual game harvest. Minimal were the results for me, frankly. Not to mention the dreaded cripples. Lest we forget, light of the actual harvest, fowling is far more involved than simply shooting at winged mammals. The important things in regards to hunting, to me, is the actual hunting--rather than the killing. The whole process really has me whipped like a little school boy after his first kiss. The off-season is a time for an introspective look into what exactly transpired during the last season. Sure that first double was great. Or maybe even a lucky Joe Blo got their first band. Perhaps this was your dogs first season and all the untold hours of work shined through on those tough retrieves. Those memories will linger for a little while, but then its off to our prospective duties as citizens. In fact, all we are left with, until next Thanksgiving, are these memories. So lets all take a second to reflect, maybe even share some stories to the non-hunter or maybe even to your child and remember the appreciation of the process we call waterfowling. Thats all my ramblings for now.
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