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Remember the referral contest they ran here awhile back? Well, there is another one going on at a new site. They are giving away a custom carved duck call. It is only for existing members, so this is for ME. I've been around this site the whole year, so I'm not just popping in. However I need some numbers. I REALLY don't mean to spam this site, promise! I've been hinting at getting people there, but I guess I need to be more straight-forward.

If you could spare a moment, please pop over to:

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Go to the "Site News or Issues" forum, then click on the "2004 Membership Drive and Prizes" thread. If you could post a reply saying that I, SteveInTN, sent you, I would sure APPRECIATE IT!!

There are some good calling clips on the site, and some field reports from some Kelley Powers and Christian Curtis. So it wouldn't be a total waste of time. That stuff is at:

Thanks to those that help me out!


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