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help plz

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for my 13 b day my dad got me mine old dog and i need to know how u train them with whistle and advice how to train a dog and main things
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Buy a book! That's what I did and it is really informative. I got "10 minute retriever" and it is very helpful. I got it on Good luck. :thumbsup:
Definitely need a ton more info on this one. What gahunter said is a great thing to do. Books outline complete training programs.

How old is the dog. You say you got it for your bday (assuming you just had the bday), but not how old it is?

Does the dog have verbal commands down solid?

Here is how I trained come with a whistle.
The only command I have done so far with a whistle is a recall or come. I would have the dog woah walk away from her, blow the whistle and then tell her to come. As I blew the whistle I would point my finger to the ground in front of me as if signaling to come. Pretty soon she figured out that the whistle meant come. I don't know if this is any kind of official training method or not, but this worked for me. I would think you could do other commands in a similar way.

Best bet though is to get a book like GA said.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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