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Help with paintin

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When you guys painting an aluminum boat to you suggest sanding it down first? I have painted one before and the paint just flaked right off and I don't what that do happen agene so what do you suggest I should do. (I am using Herts Oil base duck boat it is descent stuff)
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I want to paint my aluminum fishing boat and I have these same questions. Is there a good primer that will help the paint bond to the aluminum. Please help, because it sounds like it can be a real pain in the butt if it isn't done right.
I guess we all want to paint at the same time. I want to paint my boat too.
I was wondering about this to. I also have been looking at the stencils at Cabelas!!
Yeah I have looked at those stencils to and just can't make up my mind.
do not BUY stencils - make your own if you feel you really need a stencil

there is a primer that some guys use specifically to increase paint adhesion to aluminum (check with Dogman) ....I have never needed it IMO since paint adhesion has been excellent with Pettit oil based camo paints......I am sure the old paint is scraped and sanded (if not removed completely) then I clean with acetone and then paint jobs have lasted for years (although I re-do just to have different camo from time to time)
I just bought some of that camo spray paint that wally-world sells. They have 3 diff. colors. i used all three and they work great.
I did no prep work at all.
I would lightly paint (little spots you missed don't matter at all) the base OD green color. about 1.5ftx2 ft section.
then I made some random vertical stripes with a tan color. (to look like weeds) then I took a little darker brown. to darken he thing up a bit. I made limbs with littler sticks coming off and some more brown lines.
I finished in two days.
GUYS the most imortant part in my book is to not paint blotches or spots. It will look WAY better if you do lines or streaks. It doesn't have to be perfect and I followed to stencils or repeating patterns. I basically always did a section of green. Throw some vertical/random tan grass lines. Then come back and make some trees/ lines with the brown. Touch back up w/ green if you feel the need.
I just went from section to section till I was done. An example of a section could be the back side of the transom or the top or side of a bench seat.
It was not that hard and now our boat looks bad-2-da-bone.
Everyone likes it and it looks better than most I have seen.
This method has made me some $$ by paintin other peoples boats.
C ya,
-fraz :thumbsup:
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The best stencils are real sticks, grasses, and leaves. Just lay'em on top of what ever color you want them to be and paint over them with the base color. It will leave perfect plant designs. The best part is that you can mix and match and place them however you want them. :thumbsup:
there is a product spacifically for painting aluminum
it is called etching primer (put that over the aluminum FIRST) or you will be just wasteing your time.
donell67 said:
wouldnt they stick to the boat.
Not if you wait on the first coat to dry, then just remove the "stencils" as soon as you paint over them.
You need to lightly sand or sand blast the boat and then prime it with zinc chromate primer that you can get from any West Marine. Or pricey $$$$, but it works. Your boat will look great for many many years....
I agree with gahunter. I have painted my blazer & about 4 boats this way.People all the time wanting to know how I painted it that way.
sand it or sandblast it, then lay a good primer down, then paint. id say one good coat or 2 coats.
removing all the paint is not required, if the paint that is already on your boat is holding up, then you can primer over it. paint only sticks to a rough surface, not smooth. I would suggest going to a paint store and asking for mistints, (you can get those cheaper). Ask them for aluminum paint, it will last longer than wally world paints.
sand the boat
pressure wash it
wipe it down
paint it
First off get your going to want to sand everything down to metal. Then apply your primer then lightly wet sand out all runs little bubbles... then apply your base coat usually a Dark green again wet sand out all run's and bubbles then apply you second base coat for it was a lighter Green. I taped off the whole thing and make me a frame for my foliage such as grass leaves and sticks. Then cut the leaves sticks grass out then spray with your lighter green. let dry and make other stencils for like hard stem grass and again cover whole thing out then place your pattern for your new grass and paint it with a Dark to light brown mixing up..

But do not Apply clear coat for this is expensive and will give your boat unwanted shine but your paint will not have as much shiny and depth as would with clear.

Also beware when you wet sand base coat you will take off some paint and it will need to be reapplied.
I have tried just about everything you have been told to do except the special primers for aluminum. Nothing has worked very well. Now i just buy 3 or 4 cans of cheap green,brown and black paint. Sand and scrape any loose paint off. Wash the boat off. Then touch up or repaint as needed. The worst places are ussauully the floor and the bottom of the boat. It is a little 12 footer and I paint the bottom because sometimes i will prop it up on sticks and use it for a blind.
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