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Heres some repainted decoys for 08

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The painting technique that 870 is using on his hens is called dry brushing. It is fairly easy to master, using a dry brush load the paint just on the tips of the bristles. Then, dab the brush on a test area, a paper bag works just fine. Once you start to see the desired amount of paint you want to apply start painting the decoy. This is a repetitive process, so just keep removing paint from your brush by dabbing it off on your test area, then paint again. The undercoat can be painted on as usual. Large full round brushes are best for this application but all types of brushes can produce this kind of result. I own an art gallery/custom frame shop, teach lessons,and still find time to hunt. I hope this helps anyone who wants to try 870 hen style, by the way nice work, I can tell you hunt those dekes. When applying the drybrush technique just dab the paint on , no strokes.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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