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herters full body deks

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has any body used them...????? i know there detil isn't good at all but they do have a nice price tag at 135 per doz. i didn't know if there detil was even good enough to be worth buying or if any one had used them... how about there full body mallards or would you pay the 5.50 more for enticer deks...?

has this in the duck dek section and didn;t get much response so put it here maybe you could help me out. thanks
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I looked at them pretty hard. Herters decoys have very little feather detail. We have shells that we had to repaint after one season cause the paint isn't very good. If they were for snow geese I would say go for it, but I just don't think they are worth it for Canada decoys.

Oh yeah, they stake in which makes it tough in the hard, and usually frozen Kansas ground. MY .02
yeha that makes seice

hey what did you end up doing with those shells anywho????
HELLO, I am Weston Vetere from Green River, Utah i have 12 of the herters full body dekes and i love them!!!!!!!!!!! they look alot more realistic when you get them in person i use 12 of the herters full bodys with the additional feet you can buy for them and 13 realgeese silos and 6 herters shells. The geese poor into my spread as i flag with my foils migrator flag and my meatgrinder call going. SO i would recomend the dekes they are less then half the price of the B/f's even once you put extra 5$ a deke to have the feet on them. :thumbsup: [/b]
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