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I have toyed with it for a couple years, but I finally made the switch to Hevi for good. The moment of revelation came when I was testing my new Patternmaster choke before the season. I was shooting at a piece of 1/2 inch plywood. I shot some #4 Hevi from 40 yards...and it went right through. Devastated the back of it.

I flipped the plywood end for end, then shot some BBB steel from the same distance... nothing went through. I shot at the exact same spot with the BBB's from 30 yards, and still only a few went through. How could I argue with that? And, ballistically, they are supposed to be about equal.

I ended up saving the Hevi 4's for eiders, and using mainly 6's throughout the season. I certainly noticed a difference. I think the cost is negligible.

I shoot 3 inch. I figure it costs about .50 per shell for good steel, and about 1.70 per shell for Hevi. But with Hevi, they are dead when they hit the water (or real close to it).

I don't know how many times I've had to "give 'em a couple more" in the water using steel. Even figuring for misses, for a four bird limit, I'm only out a few bucks more. I figure I make it up somewhere else - weaving my own grass mats, or buying cheaper post-hunt beer...
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