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I live here in NC, Wilson to be exact.
i bought some japenesse Milliet but dont know when i
should plant it . and How should i plant it. i have never
plant anything but grass seeds before :toofunny:


ps. do you plant on top of water or what?


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Plant, were the water is going to come up over it after it rains.

I ruff up the dirt and throw the seeds down like grass seed and then walk thru it, right along the shore line.

I also have taken it and put it in a plastic bag and put alittle water to it and left it germinate, then Spread it in about 6-10 inchs of water and it has grown.

Pretty much, plant it after all chances of Frost are over!

When I plant millet, I put mine in around the Second week of June here in PA.
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