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hey yall

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this would be my second year duck hunting im 15 and ill be able to drive by the season i went to bernardo almost everyweekend and we didnt do to well and i want to find some ducks this year
anyone kno of anywhere good to go im getting a little john boat well any help would be great
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Are thre ducks in NewMex? Come to SE AR Ill put you on some
The big problem with NM duck hunitng is the state game and fish department. The state claims to have WMA's but they forgot what the M stands for.

Duck shooting can be good in NM but there are very limited areas that are good and way too many people that hunt. My advice is start scouting, don't get discouraged and continue through out the season. One hint stay away from bernardo, buy yourself a good vehicle. When you finally find birds and you will if you hunt smart keep it to yourself. Very few true hunters left out there and I don't care what state you are talking about.
RG mud buster
Hey Ima:

Good to hear that we have some youth getting into hunting here in New Mexico. The refuges can be feast or famine with the majority of the time it being famine. I have hunted on them, but, don't do much if I can't get on them during the week - less hunters. I also hunt the Rio Grande Bosque south of Los Lunas and Belen - I have great days and I have days that I could just give it up. Sky busters, slims balls setting up right next to me, bad callers, etc., etc. Now I am going to scout the area just above Bernardo on the river - farther away from the cities. There are some good spots to the south but the drive doesn't appeal to me just for a day hunt, if I was making it a weekend affair, I may even take my popup with me. Good to hear that you are hunting. Send me a email if my want to go and give it a try.
yeah i really dont have a hunting partner well my dad but this will be his second year and i now have a car so im willing to drive anywhere im just trying to learn the ways of a duckhunter better i guess you'd call it that hahaha
I used to hunt quite a bit in Arkansas but haven't been here yet. I'd like to get out too. Email me if you get any ideas.
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