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Have any of you guys tried or currently use this sight for turkey hunting. I have missed a bird each of the last 2 seasons...the only 2 I have missed...and I was thinking this sight may help me get my head down.

Please let me no your opinions if you have used it, and if you haven't I would still like to hear your input too.

Here is the link the website.

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I tied this sight and quickly got rid of it. If the bird came in at 30 yards everytime then it wouldn`t be bad. But the sight picture is always different based on the yardage of the bird. That just left to much Kentucky windage to play with.

I would recommend Williams Fire sights. They have a noth in the rear sight to line up the front bead with. If your not down on the gun when aiming this feature will quickly let you know. ... aign=10636

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