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Had outstanding hunting in CT over the Thanksgiving weekend. On Thurs two of us took 10 mallards, on Fri we limited on two Canadas each and then on Sat we returned to the pothole we had been to on Thurs and took 6 mallards and a mature woodie that my friend will have mounted.

There are alot of mallards down there. We did not see one Black. We hunted along the CT River in a flooded pothole. Water was high and the first ramp we went to was closed. It turned out to be a good thing because we never would have gone to the spot we did so good at. Of course, the spot I had as plan A, was probably just as good.

HUGE numbers of Canadas. They are all over, even in small fields in heavy urban areas. We went to the movies on Friday evening and I saw about 200 in a field across from a shopping center along a heavily travelled road.
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