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Homemade Duck Silos

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Has anyone made any home made duck silos?

I plan to for field hunting. May even make Y board to be adapted for water and field. Looking for ideas and pictures.
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Got pictures and explaination on how you made them?

I will be buying some corplas and making them like my goose silos and maybe for Y boards.
Did you use a brush paint or spray paint? I like using spray on my Canadian silos but I think making Mallard hens will require a brush for lots of detail.

Why the black silos, contract for attention? Have you hunted with the black ones? Will they land in them or flare off?
HuntMQ1 said:
Where can you get the materials to make silos? It's corrugated plastic sheets, right? I love making my own gear and this would be a great off season, like today, project.
Look for sign shops and call and ask. I got mine for $11.50 for a 4x8 sheet and 4mm thick.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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