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Do you guys or gals allow your dogs indoors and overnight? I am contemplating getting my first Chessie and am looking for pros and cons of a full-time family pet that does live inside with the family. Does this have any ill effect on its ability afield? I figure I will use the dog for field work for around 4 months per year--the other 8 it would be our family dog. Can I reasonably expect no nonsense field work during hunting season and a docile family pet the rest of the year? Any input would be appreciated.
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Im with O_E_J my girl is a year old now and has been inside the whole time and is great inside and outside the house. And when it comes to training having them listen and follow certain commands that can be done inside helps with all the distractions, and heck its alot warmer during the cold months. :thumbsup:
My girl loves to stay right beside the bed all night. When I get up and out the door for work she is right up in my spot then, with the Mrs.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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