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I went out today in south cntral MN thinking some new birds would be in with the NW wind from yeasterday afternoon. Duck numbers were poor, I was really surprised. I saw 2 flocks of Tundara Swans and 1 flcok of Bills, and 1 flock ofGWteal and several flocks of Canadas that were migrating through.

What was a around were "educated". :thumbsdown: I should have had my limit--but bad timing (Ohhhhh as they went past - I hate that when they do that and come in from behind you). I did call in 1 single Honker from 400 yds up and a 1/2 mile away right in over the decoys :thumbsup: And ended up with 1 Mallard and 1 Bluebill and lost a Gaddy. I clean missed on 3 Mallards---that 30 mph wind throwed me off with the right lead. But overall it was really poor birds numbers for this time of year IMO. So I can not complain.

And I saw a guy empty his gun on a migrating flock of Honkers that were at least 300 yds up :pissed:

Sounds like cold weather by Thuirsday, so hopefully some new birds in by end of the week. :thumbsup:

16 days left of the season...........

Post up as to how you did. :smile:
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