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Last weekend I headed up to the Vermilion River south of Crane Lake for my traditional duck hunt on the opening weekend of deer season. I hunted Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening, and Sunday morning. In all that time, I saw fewer than 15 ducks. Finally, on Sunday morning in a blinding snow squall 4 ringbills came screaming right over my head with a 25 mph tail wind. They swung around and came in to land and I smacked 2 of them. This was VERY cool and a picturesque scene from a late season diver hunt, but it hardly makes up for THE WORST DUCK SEASON IN NORTHEASTERN MINNESOTA EVER. If it wern't for my 14 days in ND, I'd be heading for Arkansas right about now. Oh well, it's almost time to ice fish for mercury meat. Didn't there used to be a clean air act?
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