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Couple of really good weekends on gadwalls and widgeon in dakota then back to reality of crappy hunting in minnesota. Last weekend three shots fired in two days. Four hours of scouting in west central minn to try and find the birds. Problem was i could find geese but the season is closed already. As for ducks forget about it. The flight sunday evening consisted of two small flocks of mallards a mile high. I must have scouted thirty or fourty different sloughs in a couple of counties and saw virtually no ducks. A few scattered buffleheads was about it.I have seen it bad in minn this time of year before but never like this year. I mean there are no ducks.I am not going to hold my breath on thursday either as i it just is not a major front that will move ducks out of canada.Sounds like the ducks in canada will stay until they are frozen out or snow covers the fields according to alot of sources on the internet.I think they have figured it out in the last few years. Why come into the states knowing you will get blasted at nonstop everyday!They just get pressured way too hard in the us.
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