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How I spent my first day of depression

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I ran my trap line and picked up a fox an coyote in my snares. Then I drove around for 3 1/2 hours checking all my hunting spots to see what was around in the way of waterfowl.

Heres what I saw:
20-25 greenwing teal
1 pair of gaddies
1 drake and 2 hen pintails
a ringneck drake
lots of common goldeneyes
a doz or so barrows goldeneys
2 buffleheads
1000 or so mallards-one half white hen
1 sora rail-Im pretty sure it was a Sora it could have been a Virginia Rail
a common merganser drake
5 trumpeter swans (2 adults and 3 juvies)
and lots of geese.

Geese people- What is the sub species of canada goose thats mid sized and has a pronounced white ring on thier neck?
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It was the size of the lessers. It had a very pronounced neck ring. Like a mallard
It had the white mark above the eye
Goosenoose-Is that how you idrntfy the giants? I killed on thur that has the white patch a hair under 1/4 inch or so above the top of the eye. I just weighed the carcass and it weighed 11.2 lbs without the breasts and thighs.
I dont know much about goose ID. I usually just classify them as big medium and little geese.
I liked that late close in OR when I lived there. I wish MT would got to a split season so we could hunt later. I had to take the late season goose ID test twice because I didnt study the first time. I really wanted a dusky for the wall even though that would have ended my seaon. Shot a bunch of cacklers.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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