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How Many Times A Year

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How many times does everybody get out and hunt during the season. I know that I'm lucky if I can get out 10-15 times. When you do get out, where does everybody hunt at? My buddy and I have been trying to get out to Ted Shanks as much as we can.
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i go about 20 times in duck season but im still in high school so we may slip outa that a few times to go :yes: WE go to fountain grove ALOt
Wait till you get to college honker! I just had my first semester last fall and didn't realize how sweet it was only going to class 3 days a week. Next fall I will really take advantage of being able to schedule my own classes. I'll be in class Tues and Thurs in the morning and get out by about 1pm so I can hit the marsh these two days in the evening. Mon Wed Fri I'll be off in the morning to hunt and go into work around 4 or 5pm. Then on the weekends I'll be totally open. Let me see that means a possibility to hunt every day of the week. :mrgreen: :getdown:

Doesn't that just make you want to come home for school Tyler.
Oh I don't know, maybe 20 times or so, prob. more. As for where, mostly around Barton County. My buddies uncles property, fields and ponds. Also Shawnee Trails conservation area, many ponds and "lakes"/ marshes and then there's big water at Bushwacker Lake, puddlers and divers.
I got to go about 25 times this year I hunted the first 2 weekends of season then every day of our thanks giving break, then almost every day of our winterbreak. Its also real convient for me to get out and go because I only live about 15mins away from where I hunt. And I hunt on my familys farm right next to Kansas City on the Missouri River and a pond that we have. But i do make it up to the Bob Brown and Squaw Creek area a few times also.
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