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Hey! Well my Mallard ducks are getting bigger and bigger and I need a pin to put them in. But I don't know how much it would for a big pin. Also, if you decide to build one, what kind of wire and other materials should I use? It may be cheaper to just build one. My mother is wanting to use about half my graduation money to buy a pin with it. But I don't want to spend all of it, because I would like to use some of that money to buy other important things with. Well thank you!

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It depends on what the ducks are for. If they are pets and they get to roam around your land during the day and put up at night than the cage can be pretty small. But if they would have to be put up all the time (this is a wild guess) 5 square feet per bird in a cage about 4 feet tall. I used chicken wire on the sides the door, and the roof. the cage doesnt have a bottom. If i could do it over agian i would use bird netting on the top. Hope this helps
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