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How was your early goose season

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How was everyone's early goose season? I got two but had to work awefully hard for them. I hunted up around the Chelan area. I did learn one thing from my new gun though, 3 1/2 " BBB 1550fps shells don't feel very good when your only wearing a teeshirt.....
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Hey your lucky you still have teeth. Those things are brutal! went out once got skunked. decided to hang some wood duck boxes instead and then dropped my new 19 volt cordless drill into the river. not a good start.
Yeah I didn't like those shells very much with a teeshirt... Was your drill at least a cheap craftsman or like? Hopefully it wasn't a better one like a dewalt. I just got a new dewalt XRP, things are pricey! You can probably just let it dry out and send it back or take it back to the store and get a new one...
Its still there 25 ft down and Yeah it was a craftsman but my last one lasted longer than my dewalt. But not nearly the same power
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