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hunter expo

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is anyone coming to the expo? I will be there in the D.U. Booth for at least the eary part of the day saturday.

stop by and say howdy or something.

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I will be there But proabably sunday I just got home I have to go find a new bow And tomorrow Im going with Ambassidor And bbflinger To see how they are controlling phrag And after that I have a family reuinon
I did not get to see steve And marty saturday Had my water pump go out on the way up friday Spent all day in the shop Steve said I could call him whenever I was up there again And he would take me out Seemed like a really nice guy I did make it sunday To the show I thought it was okay I got a pretty good deal on some arrows And talked a guy down about 35 bucks for a duck & goose call combo so It was worth the trip
I believe It was called a true tone It is a double reed duck call And he didnt Have the change for the money I gave him so he through in the goose call And lanyard I gave it to my 11yr old daughter Mabey by oct she will be good enough to call She was doing pretty well last night when I left for CA
Im planning on it If my boat is done Im going to take it up to mud buddy And have them put the grass blind on it then head up But if not there are two guys from slc who have asked me to take them out scouting for elk by my house With my schedule its hard to say Hopefully I can make it I would like my little girl to see it Sounds like it would be fun for her
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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