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Hunters Safety

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Class starts tonight for my 11 year old. This will be his first year hunting. He seems excited. It is three hours long (6-9) today, tomorrow, and Thursday, with thee hours on the range Saturday.. UGH!

Off to make dinner, gotta feed the kids before I take him to class.

How many of ya actually take your kids and sit through it with them? This will be my second time in the last 3 years attending. LOL. I should retake the test at the end and earn me another SD GFP pin!

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I've been through thousands of hours of Hunter Safety Classes.

Of course Im an instructor. It is always grea to see the parents sit through the class with the kids, more often then not the parents learn a thing or two as well. Too often parents leave the little ones to sit through the class by theirself. Makes you want to pop a not on their head at times (the parent).
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