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Hunters Safety

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Class starts tonight for my 11 year old. This will be his first year hunting. He seems excited. It is three hours long (6-9) today, tomorrow, and Thursday, with thee hours on the range Saturday.. UGH!

Off to make dinner, gotta feed the kids before I take him to class.

How many of ya actually take your kids and sit through it with them? This will be my second time in the last 3 years attending. LOL. I should retake the test at the end and earn me another SD GFP pin!

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I've got my first class with my son (9 years old) april 12th and 13th. I have been telling him for six months now that there is a 100 question multiple choice test, ten essay questions, ten story problems and at the range he must shoot 8 out of ten in skeet and hit a deer target at 300 yards to pass. That has got him a little nervous, he knows I'm messing with him but he doesn't know how much :rofl:
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