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Hunters Safety

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Class starts tonight for my 11 year old. This will be his first year hunting. He seems excited. It is three hours long (6-9) today, tomorrow, and Thursday, with thee hours on the range Saturday.. UGH!

Off to make dinner, gotta feed the kids before I take him to class.

How many of ya actually take your kids and sit through it with them? This will be my second time in the last 3 years attending. LOL. I should retake the test at the end and earn me another SD GFP pin!

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Just took my 12 year old. It's a requirement here to take it if you were born after 1971?. I was grandfathered in, so I never took it until my Son had his class. I got 100% on the field class, followed by 100% on the test. My Son only got one wrong on the test, and aced the field class. He never shot trap before, and nailed 4 out of five clays. I was impressed. I did learn a few things, especially when the Game Warden showed up for one of the days. Now we get a small game license and state waterfowl stamp for free for attending and passing the class. The most important thing here is, now my Son and I can travel out west and do some Elk hunting, and we'll be safe doing it. I found it pretty neat that after hunting for over 25 years, all the stuff you learn by just doing. My Son had some questions about things that I quite frankly took for granted as simple knowledge. I'm glad I took the class with him, because now I can relate to the questions that may come up. and I don't have to look at him as if he was clueless. Now we have to take ATV Safety, and Boater Safety next. these are new requirements in our state as well. I am grandfathered in these too, but now I'm ready to learn some more.

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