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11 year old child was killed instantly when he was shot deer hunting. Sounds like he snuck up on some other kids (12&13) and sounded like a deer.

My prayers are with the family. I'll post more info as it becomes availible.

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Boy killed on hunt by older brother, 13


The Wichita Eagle

Dalton Baty loved to tease and play pranks, and that may have cost the 11-year-old boy his life.

Dalton was accidentally shot by his older brother, 13, early Sunday evening as they hunted for deer on their grandmother's land a mile east of Elk Falls in Elk County. He was declared dead at the scene.

"Bless his heart, he just never had a chance," Elk County Sheriff Janet Harrington said. "It was hard for all of us."

Dalton had pleaded with his brother to delay going for a deer hunt until he returned from a weekend visit to his mother in Independence, said Lena Baty of Wichita, their grandmother.

She and the sheriff said the boys went into the woods next to the house they share with their father. The older brother wandered away from Dalton and a fifth-grade classmate of Dalton's at Moline Elementary School.

Minutes later, Dalton jumped out at his brother, Lena Baty said. The brother fired his .30-06 deer rifle.

"He thought he was shooting at a deer," Harrington said of the older brother. "Something moved, and he fired."

Lena Baty said Dalton may have been trying to tease his brother by making sounds and motions like a deer.

"This little guy's going to have a hard row," Baty said of the 13-year-old.

Authorities were continuing their investigation Monday to see whether the boys' hunt was under adult supervision, Harrington said. State law requires deer hunters under the age of 14 to have adult supervision.

"If we find that there was not any adult supervision, there could be a ticket issued for that," she said.

Authorities will also check to see whether the boys had a deer permit and had taken and passed the state's required hunter safety course.

More than 370,000 children have taken and passed the state's hunter safety course since it began, said Mike Miller of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

One of the measures of the program's success, he said, has been a steady decline in the number of hunting-related accidents. Last year's total, 13, was the lowest on record for statistics that go back to 1962.

"That doesn't reduce the tragedy any when it happens, though," Miller said.

Grief counselors were talking with students at Moline Elementary and at West Elk Junior High in Howard.

"We've had groups of students visiting with the grief counselors, as they feel the need to," said Bert Moore, superintendent of West Elk schools. "That's gone very well."

Elk County and the surrounding area are known around the country as an ideal region to hunt quail and deer, Moore said. Nearby Flint Oaks is one of only three five-star hunting lodges in the nation.

The shooting took place on the first weekend of firearms deer season, which opened last Wednesday.

"I know there were a lot of hunters out -- there were trucks parked everywhere," Moore said.

The deer were so numerous, he said, that he could see them in the fields and on the roads.

"It's a big deal," Moore said of deer season.

"Hunting and fishing seems to be in the blood of people in the area."

That won't change, he said, but the tragedy will serve as a fresh reminder of the need to be safe and responsible.

"It's a very sad, sad thing," Harrington said. "You've got an 11-year-old boy who could be anybody's son.

"I just don't want it to happen to anyone else."
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