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choclab said:
Roch said:

Having trained 3 Labs, I can tell you that the difference between a Black and a Chocolat are is the character. I have trained two chocolat Labs before getting my first Black Lab. I can guaranty that training the black was a whole lot easier. Chocolats are very hard headed and ask for a lot of attention. As for Yellows, I have never worked with them.
I don't believe that for one second. My chocolate is a dream to train. My trainer wanted to buy her. She picked up new things super fast. I don't thinks it the color of the dog....just the trainer.
i agree. i think the dogs have different tendencies but as far as trainability, i don't think that is the case. i have owned yellows and chocolates and helped a buddy train his black and my current chocolate is smarter than the entire lot of them. the tendencies i am referring to are like friendliness, aggresion, stubborness, etc.
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