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hunting truck for sale 95 chevy pickup with fiberglass toppe

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i was just about to upgrade my truck i think i am going to try a tahoe this time but any ways
i am going to sell my 95 chevy pickup
it is dark blue
4.3 vortec
manual tranny
10 disc cd changer
has a fiber glass topper in matching paint that locks you can through your gear in there locks on both handles for more security
resiever hitch
runs and drives great no problems at all gas good mpg
newer tires polished stock aluminum wheels
very well maintained
tail gate has some rust and dents minor dings and dent on the rest but still looks very nice
can take pics if anyone is interested

looking to get $4000

email me at
[email protected]
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May be interested if you could send me some pictures that would be great.

[email protected]
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