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I just need to...

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Went out Saturday morning. Fog was unbelievable. Drove the boat in circles for awhile before finally finding a landmark to navigate by. Got to the blind. Everything's good until... the boat hide had collapsed. After spending a few minutes cussing out the no good b%#tard who ripped it down I realized that it was the weight of the snow that was the culprit. 2 x 4's snapped off and the whole thing leaning into and under the water.

So we put out the dekes and tied the boat up to the blind, using it as a backdrop and hoping it was enough. It wasn't. Geese were flying everywhere, and lots of them came right at us, saw us and flared away, just barely out of range. My buddy had to leave early, so after dropping him off I headed back. I hunkered down with my butt on the bottom of the boat and leaned back on the gunnel. More geese, more flaring.

Now I have to go out this week and repair this blind again (the big flood earlier this year pretty much wiped it out and I had to rebuild it). I'm obviously addicted to duck/goose hunting. A reasonable man would probably douse it in gasoline, light a match, and take up bowling or something.

Ok. I feel better. Thanks for allowing me to take up some of your time.
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Hey Mike,'re welcome :hi: Hope the fog worked in your favor later. I had a good hunt that Saturday in it. The Geese were lost and decoyed well along with some Mallards.
Not to play Mother Goose here, but I hope you guys are careful in the fog. The tide was almost as high this past Saturday as it was during the Nor'Easter snowstorm, In the fog you can get close to the shoreline to use it as a reference if the tide is high like that during foggy times... even though I know where the blind is in the dark,I still like to hang close to shore if ya' can in the fog :wink:
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