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but it's still damn cool! Here's my bear mount that I just picked up yesterday. I shot it in Manitoba last May with my bow. It was my first bear!

The arrow actually went through the bear and through the log that is in the base. 2 of the 3 fletchings were signed by Scotty Pippen! The one that wasn't signed fell off when it went through the bear, and the second one signed "Good Luck" fell off while bringing the bear and log out of the woods. The one signed "Scotty Pippen" fell off while driving back to camp while it was in the back of the truck. What luck! My guide called me 2 weeks later - 2000 km later, and several rain storms later and said that he found the "Scotty Pippen" vane stuck to his bumper. He then mailed it to me! It must have blown off and gotten stuck under his tailgate! WHAT LUCK! Now all that I need to do is GLUE IT ON FOR GOOD!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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