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I need help preparing duck

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I have been duck hunting for a few years now and I have yet to find a way to cook duck that I can eat. I mostly shoot woodies & mallards & I have tried soaking them in salt water, milk, and baking soda and they still taste like bloody liver to me.

I'm tired of giving birds away and would like to eat some. Is it an acquired taste???
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Oh how I feel your pain!!! I can't cook a duck to save my you know what. When I was growing up my mom made it and it was delicous, I have tried many ways and it sucks its not the ducks fault, just the cook's. I'm going to try jerky, and stick's this year.
i hear ya..and as a person who shoots well over 100 ducks per season, i have tried lots of different ways to make them edible. here are some things i've done that work for me and have gotten good reviews from people that i know.

first up..the big hit. look for my recipe for black bean duck chili in this forum. not only do i like it, but people i know actually REQUEST that i make it.

Jerkey - there are some good jerkey ideas in this forum too.

basically all my ducks go to chili or jerkey, but i have made them other ways and one thing always seemed to hold true. i like to cut my ducks into small strips when soaking them in saltwater as opposed to soaking a whole breast. this allows you to get more of the blood out. also, after soaking in saltwater for a minimum of a couple of hours, marinade them in SOMETHING. i like to use worshetshire (SP??) sauce..soak the strips in that for another hour or two.

I almost hate to mention this as a thread in this forum got locked for it...but i have tried (and just bought a bunch) of those Buck Gardner seasonings. they actually change the consistancy of the duck from liver to more like beef. the secret, again, is to cut the duck into very small pieces when marinading it.

hope this helps!!

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Whats yer salt to water ratio!!!!????????

actually, i don't know what the ratio would be. i usually lay out the cut up pieces, cover them with water and then pour in a chitload of salt.

just thinking it over....let's say somewhere around 1 tablespoon of salt for every cup of water.
My wife WILL NOT eat duck no matter how it's cooked, but she loves it when i make it into jerky. For jerky you really just have to add whatever you like into the marinade and it'll turn out good
Marinate in a red wine, terryaki sauce, garlic, pepper, and rosemary mixture for a day or more. If possible, inject the meat. Then grill it and baste with soy sauce or terryaki sauce periodically. That's the best way I've found to cook it without making jerky or sausage.
the_duckinator said:
Marinate in a red wine, terryaki sauce, garlic, pepper, and rosemary mixture for a day or more. If possible, inject the meat. Then grill it and baste with soy sauce or terryaki sauce periodically. That's the best way I've found to cook it without making jerky or sausage.
Now that sounds very good! :thumbsup: I'll have to try that one

Will have to try, thx duckinator :thumbsup:
bread it and fry it, or duck kabobs are the only ways I like it. I am gonna try that CHili Recipe of Swamp Puppy's though
That's my favorite duck recipe. My 10 year old sister will eat it when I cook it like that, and other than that duck she will only eat mac 'n cheese, pizza, and chocolate. There's never any leftovers :mrgreen:
I only have one season under my belt, and went through the same learning process to figure out how to cook them. I tried breasting out the first ones and various marinades, salt water soaks, etc. but they always tasted like liver.

The last duck I cooked last season, a teal, was definitely the tastiest. I plucked and gutted it, put it in a ziplock bag, and aged it in the fridge at 40F for a few days before cooking. Then I rubbed it inside and outside with kosher salt and roasted it on a rack in the oven at 425F for (I think) 8 minutes. It turned out very much like beef.

It was more work than breasting them out, but I think it paid off.

This year, I want to also try grinding some of the meat and mixing 2 parts duck with 1 part pork to make a sausage (ratio from a recipe I saw recently).
Ready Here it goes.

2lbs Duck (Ive used Venison and Moose also)
1cup Grated parm cheese
1/2cup Veg Oil
1 glove garlic crushed
1-1/2 cup Beef Stock (boullion if good stock no avail)
1/2 cup Burgundy Wine
12 Small onions (ive used small white onions also have subtituted cut up vidalia)
1 (4oz) can Mushrooms, drained

Slice meat into 1/2 thick steaks. Season steaks with salt and pepper, sprinkle with cheese. Pound with mallet. Turn steaks and repeat untill all of the cheese is used. Heat skillet add galric. Saute steaks on both sides. Place in casserole dish. Drain oil from skillet add stock to residue, bring to a boil. Remove from heat, add wine. Pour sauce over steaks, add mushrooms and onions. Cover and bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour.

I usually serve this with Polenta(can give recipe if needed)

Pretty easy to make and tastes great!!

Good Luck
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My dad cooks some duck and gravy, best stuff I ever had. That and some good ole homemade biscuits. Oh wee.
I served these and even the women were tearing them up:
1. merinade duck breasts in 1/2 soy sauce and 1/2 worcester sauce overnight
2. cook a lot of bacon just so it's not quite done, still limp(don't dump the grease)
3. pound out a duck breast as flat as a big pancake
4. take a couple of kernals of jalepeno cheese curd and sprinkle them into the center of the flattened duck breast
5. add a slice or two of mushroom and/or jalepeno (both if you do this with geese)
6. season with Cavenders greek steak seasoning
7. lay a piece of limp bacon on the cutting board and set the filled duck breast on it, roll it up
8. stick a toothpick through the middle
9. using your bacon grease add a little butter, some crushed garlic, and a small amount of white wine
10. place the rolled duck in and fry and turn meat until the duck meat is cooked
11. I also make a horshradish salsa that will knock your socks off when you dip the duck roll ups in it
12. Served best with domestic beers :salude:
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I got at tip from this site last year for using Bacon when you cook duck. It's simple and extreamly tasty. We just finished the last of the Duck about a month ago and my 10 yr old daughter was asking if we could have duck on Friday nite. She is a Mac & Cheese eating machine. When I told her we ate it all she replied," Well shoot more next year". Cut the duck into thin strips and wrap them in Bacon and marinade them in maple syrup. I make this for BBQ's and don't tell anyone what they're eating until they ask for more. It's always a hit. You can add jalapenos - mushrooms - onions - whatever. Try it.
Simple! The rarer the better, this applies to mallards woodies cans reds and most certinly teal. my favorite is teal rare with butter onion with sunny side eggs.
I've made Duck Gumbo with okra and kielbasa (sp?) that is absolutely wonderful. I've used all kinds of ducks in it too. I previously lived in East Texas where we had quite a mixed bag of ducks flying through. Even some of the "lesser palatable" varieties like scaup and spoonies (northern shovelers) have good flavor. That's the way I've found is the most enjoyable. I'll certainly try some of the other recipes I see here though.
Straight Shootin'....
Rule of thumb: if ya want your duck to taste more like beef instead of liver, ya gotta cook it rare to medium-rare. Just a little salt n peppa, throw it on the grill for about 10 min or so & you're good to go. Crack open a good bottle of red wine & enjoy!
Thatd easy, look in the Honey Hole at Game Care 101, couldnt be easier................. ... 4346a0c158
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