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Go Vikings!
Went out Sunday the 2nd and fished Walleyes from 4 pm til 10 pm and caught three nice ones; 27, 26, and a 25 incher. these babies were fat! My buddy kept the 27 incher for the wall, it was his biggest to date. We let the other two go for breeding stock. The wildlife manager in this area in charge of stocking this lake said; that there were five different age classes in this lake, with all of them over our legal size limit of 15 inches. We went out and caught 23 keepers from 15" to 20" on the 12th, let go a 24 incher. The cold front has moved in now with temps. in the minus 0's so fishing/drinking has taken a back seat. TIP UP, Pete
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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