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Ideas on Camoing a layout

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Looking for some ideas on putting some extra vegitation on my layouts. I already have the brown raffia grass and plenty of light colored grass to camo them up nicely, however the field we are hunting is green pasture. So any ideas on where I can get some long green grass to blend in to the pasture better. All the tall grass is now brown as it is winter. So any ideas would be great as the layouts stand out in the green grass. Thanks for any ideas.
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You can purchase the killer weed kits at Wholesale Sports. They have it in the grass color. If it is to light go to Michales and pick up the grass and you can get dye. Mix the dye and do a few strands until you get the color you desire then dye the bunch and you are good to go.
FeatherFanatic said:
That green killer weed, dont blend in the same its a diffrent color then normal green grass. We have used military netting before but we also sat in the shad under some 100+ foot firs
The stuff we purchased wasn't the same color as our grass, so I ended up dying the batch, once I got the color to match. It's less expensive to buy it at the craft stores in the tan color then dye it the green color needed. That worked really good once I finally came up with a match.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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