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Idiot Mark!

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Yes! I am an idiot. :mad: and could use some advice.

I bought this Colt Combat Elite .38 Super new about 15 years ago. I have put less than 200 rounds through it and cleaned it twice. Stainless frame and blue slide.

In the reassembly process managed to create my idiot trademark with the slide stop. I can't really 'feel' it but you can sure 'see' it!

Is there any known metal 'repair', 'buff', or 'make-up' you guys would suggest? :yes:

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STRIP IT DOWN FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Polishing compound has a spectactular way of getting into moving parts and making a mess of your action. Strip it to the best of your ability before you start. I would take it apart completely.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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