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I'm the new guy......

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Just found this site. Anyone I already know out here?
Check my profile.
Hope it's okay to butt in!
Gotta go now- my hunting party just arrived. It's Jr. hunt weekend here in california!
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Thank you hounder. I used to live in New Jersey when I went to college . Had some great brant hunts. I sure miss those black ducks!
Welcome John.

How was the hunt? I was up your way last spring from Redding to the Oregon border. Really cool area, but considering I was there outside of the season I couldn't help but wonder how's the migration around there?
The Jr. hunt was great! I hosted a 13 year old out of Truckee. It was his first hunt of any kind. He shot his first duck, a drake bufflehead! He also got 5 cracks at geese. He hit them twice.But they were just too tough and didn't fall.
I think he'll be back next season. There is another one amongs us!

Locally we have birds year round. Alot of local honkers. Duckwise it is a mixed bag. sometimes they're here and sometimes not. But mostalways there is some.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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