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Interesting opener

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As I am writing this I can hear shotgun's blasting away.
I got out to my spot on a WMA at 3:45am. no one there,cool. I step out to stretch and I here geese in a field across the pond.I load up my 20 goose floaters,gun,shells,call,goose flag,and green camo netting in my canoe. I slowly paddle out along side the pond, you know the no rush feeling. I come across a sandy point with feathers,dropping and footprints of geese. I start setting up my dekes at 5:20am. While setting up I see another vehicle pull up. I figured they saw my truck and was going to leave,wrong. Headlights go out. About 30 minutes before shooting hours another truck pulls up on another driveway. he drops one guy off and leaves. So I got hunters on my 12 and 3 o'clock. Shootin time. A flock of geese are cuped and heading my way, unfortunately they fly over the guys on my 12 and they open fire, don't know if they got one. Then it starts to get interesting. I heard a splashing sound behind me like someone moving through water and cattails. It's a cow. Apparently the farm that borders the WMA has cattle that can access this point. so 2 groups of geese land just outside of my shooting zone and I got cows 10-15 ft. behind me. I can't shoot because I remember in the reg book that you can't shoot within how many ft. of livestock. So I'm waving my arms trying to get the cows to leave while the geese swim within my dekes. So I stand there for 15 minutes thinking how much this sucks, then they leave finally. I step out of the cattails and wait for the geese to start flying, when they did, BANG BANG BANG, missed. So they fly over the guy on my 3 and he get two, one fly's over the 12 o'clock and they get one. luckily, the remaining birds from the 3 o'clock guy fly right over me and I get one. Then 12o'clock group leaves. Then the 3 o'clock guy is picked up by his friend that dropped him off. as they start to pull away, a flock of 7 is heading my way. I flag them a few times and they cuped wings and begin their desendt. I shoot one and I see the truck had to stop and watch. After a while I see a big storm heading my way from the east,so I pack up and head in. I get to my truck and notice another vehicle heading my way. It rounds the corner and I see the little shield on the side,Minnesota State Department of Natural resourses. He ask's to see my license, give him it and everything clears. Ask's if anyone else was hunting here and if I had any luck.Now he wants to see my gun, has a little plastic rod to stick up the mag tube. He then ask's what was I shooting for ammo, I said just 3 1/2 in but had both 3 and 3 1/2 inch with me, I even had all the spent shells I picked up to prove it. He ask for 3 of both sizes and tries the 3 1/2 inch first, then the 3 inch. FLASHBACK:When I left in the morning I forgot that I did not have a plug in the gun, so I went back to my house and grabbed a plug from my hunting cabinet. It turns out to be for my friends Bennelli SBE and was alittle to short or my gun, you could get more than 2 three inch shells in the mag tube. Since I tried to plug my gun, he said he was only going to give me a written warning. So no harm done. But the only bad thing was that while he was taking to me, the storm was getting closer. After he left I had about 5 minutes to loadup all my stuff and strap the canoe to my truck before it started pouring. I got back to alexandria before stopping at another WMA parking area and taking a little snooze, been up since 10am friday and was alittle sleepy.Went to bed at 2:00pm and woke up this morning at 1:30. Made myself a big batch of spaghetti since it is my b-day today.
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