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Interesting read on hunting pressure

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Sorry this is on another site, but it is in a PDF format, so I can not do a C&P. But I feel it is worthy of being posted, so here is the link.

BTW, I have never heard of before, so I do not endorse them at all. But the article I think is quite good and on the mark IMO.
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That was interesting. This kind of reinforces some of my observations. (Take that for what it is worth) I spent a few days with my elbows on the ledge of the blind watching hundreds blue bills flying in and out about 80 yards out in the bay. The blinds are in a State park. The ducks avoided the blinds. But if you would go to a parking lot not but a few hundred yards away, They are there floating around not anymore than 15-20 yards out. They couldn't care less about you standing there watching them.
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