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Introduce myself and pup

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Well I am recently separated from the Navy and have a 1 year old LAb, moved back to Lincoln to take a job, originally from Kearney. Its good to be home after 8 years of moving around. Havent been around this area for a long time so I am guessing scouting is gonna be a huge thing for me next season. If anyone needs a extra person or whatever look me up. Is there any local dog training groups around?

This was the last day of the season in New Jersey where I was last stationed.

Her first goose retrieve early season
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k9horseluvr said:
Glad to hear someone is back! I spent 4 years recruiting in Kearney just so I could get back home for a while. Still have just under 6 years to retirement and then it's back to Northeast NE (that's where the wife is from). I grew up in SW NE but lived north of Kearney about 30 miles for the last 4 years. Good luck with the hunting. Let me know if you'll be SW ever. Still got a lot of buddies with some prime locations for duck/goose.
Most of my family is in Kearney still....I appreciate the offer. What do you do for the Navy? I was a Master-At-Arms. Good luck and be safe out there. If you are anywhere close to New Jersey I have plenty of people that would take you on a hunt up there.
k9horseluvr said:
I'm a Master-at-Arms too. I've been in since 94 and been a MA since 96. Back when you had to be an E-4 to be a MA, things sure have changed. I used to know most of the guys/gals in the MA community but since we went from 1500 to 9000...its a bit more difficult. Where were you stationed before NJ? I've been on the TR, Sewells Point K-9 (Norfolk), Recruiting, and now I'm at Mobile Security. Thanks for the offer. Might have to get together for a hunt when I'm home on leave.
I was a OS when I came in in 2000 and then cross-rated to MA in 2004. I was on the west coast on the USS FORD before becoming a MA and getting orders to deploy.....I mean NJ. I spent a tour down in Gitmo....which was loadssss of fun. I tried to go K-9 as a E-5 while at Lakehurst, NJ but that was a no go (too much seniority) or thats the story I got at the time. Oh well....the Navy was good for me and a heck of a stepping stone. Anytime you are here you are more than welcome to come along on a hunt. Stay safe out there.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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