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Too each his own.

If it works, why change?

BUT I am always fiddling with my set ups. :toofunny:

I have way too many decoys as I have em for puddlers, divers, & CA for water and Mallard, CA, & Snows for fields. That is alot of decoys. I use from 9 to 300, all depending the situation.

My Dad used to use about 9 wooden duck decoys that he carved himself and shoot plenty of ducks in the sloughs. I later years I bought him the lighter plastic magnum decoys-which he liked because of the lightness-but he really liked the wood ones better.

Just like real estate--location, location. location. Being on the "X" is #1(where they want to be) , concealment is #2, decoys #3 and calling is #4
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