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Ok guy's it is hard to face but, I can no longer take much recoil. So with that said it seems that since I hunt both upland, with 28 gauge Red Label, and plan on getting back into hunting ducks and geese, the Rem. 1100 in either 12g. or 16g looks like a real nice choice for me. Price is of course an issue as well as reliability and no I will not field strip it and clean every time. Perhaps being able to use one gun for all hunting would be great, but really do like the 28g. I have never had an auto-loader before and do welcome your advise. Just a note about my hunting style, I am willing to wait for a close shot, though sometimes by Brittany makes that a little hard! Again, thanks and Merry Christmas to all.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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