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It's Earth Day! YEAAAAA!!!!

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How did you celebrate Earth Day?

I burned a big pile of tires
I clear cut some forest
I harpooned 5 whales
I ate a 3 toed tree sloth.
I shot 7 spotted owls.
I changed my oil...sewers are a great way to get rid of old oil.
I clubbed a few baby seals.
I emptied 50 cans of hair spray and 100 cans of freon just for the fun of it.
And I dumped toxic waste into a local stream.

OK...I really didn't do all that. I did pee in the lake one time though.
Maybe I am just looking at this the wrong way. It seems like media gives all the credit to the tree hugging wacko hippies for "saving th earth". I rarely see anybody giving credit to hunters or fishermen. Are we not the very first conservationists? We can't fish if our waterways are polluted. We can't hunt if our wetlands are destoyed, forests cut down and fields bulldozed. I forgot who, on this site has the tag line of "Leave it better than you found it". The only thing you can add to that is "and then do some more".

I guess I am tired of the left having a stranglehold on consevation and the enviroment. I wish the media would give a lot more credit to those of us that care about our wildlife. Not because it is the "cool" thing to do by some idealistic SOB that hates capitalism. I am done ranting for now.
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spotted owl is good. tastes alot like bald eagle.
Really? I thought eagle and spotted owl would taste kind of gamey.
I appreciate the humor and agree with you. How the left has claimed this issue is a mystery to me. Other than talk about it, I can't name a single thing the Earth First people on the left have actually done to improve the environment or wildlife.

I work in a technology field that deals with universities, and I see these left wing pieces of human debris everyday. They are the takers in society. They create and produce nothing. They expect the government (you and me) to feed them, house them and provide them with top medical care. In exchance, they sit around thinking deep thoughts, smoking cigarettes and listening to their iPods.

Their view is always the same. Humans are the cause of everything bad. Corporations are evil. And the solution is to violate someone's personal property rights.

That is why I support DU, PF and QU. Their solution is to improve what we have access to and to purchase and permanently set aside land. It is so simple and effective.
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I am not sure if I love it, or hate it when somebody else makes a better point then I, when I post a topic. Right on Rat! :thumbsup: That is what I was trying to say. Most of these "pro Earth" groups idea activism is protesting drilling for oil in Alaska or off of our shores. And nothing more. If we can drill for oil and not mess things up... then drill. And I believe we can. I don't mind logging. Just plant more trees than what you cut down.

This is a story that in going on in my neck of the woods. Not but 5 miles from me they want to make a horse racing track. Of course it is not that simple. They want this track just so that can have a place to put slot machines. Because slot machines will save our local economy. (Bull Shavick) So the property they bought uprooted a bunch of people from their homes. And it is destroying some wetlands, about 100 acres off fine woods and a creek. So the trade off is to undevelope an out of business truck stop to make up for the loss of wetlands. Here is a hint for the morons that want this stupid track so bad. MAKE THE HORSE TRACK AT THE OLD TRUCK STOP! Frigging idiots. :pissed: I am going to go check on my tire fire and punch an emu.
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No doubt. All these limosuine liberals know nothing about wildlife, let alone how to manage it. They' re so full of guilt and self-rightousness they will "support" a cause, but only if they don't have to donate money, time or work to it. Pathetic. Does anyone else find it funny when one of these idiots gets attacked by a female grizzly when they are out picking flowers and try to get a close up pic of her cubs so they can show their friends?
It's easy, boys. Let's remember that the limousine libs hate big business. While we conservationists took the environment for granted back in the 1940's, '50's, & '60's, looking the other way as steel mills et al. dumped toxins in Lake Erie, the cultural Marxists went to work. One way to attack big industry was to call them on the issue of pollution (anyone my age or older can remember how that word was beaten to death back in the '60's). Rather than use all of the hacknied mantras like capitalist imperialists, greedy exploitative money mongers, etc., the libs showed 1st the littered highways, complete w/ the weeping Indian brave. This got the common man on board. Next we were shown the polluted waterways - & told of the guilt of big industry. Then the media showed us the smokestacks. This was the biggie. The left got this going, piggybacked it to the anti-war movement & the civil rights movement, claiming that it was part of the evil work of the "establishment", & brought us to where we are now. Still don't believe me? The date of Earth Day coincides w/ Vladimir Lenin's birthday. Coincidence? Give me a break.
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who cares about earth day
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