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Ok the Idaho Waterfowl Association is holding a meeting with the Idaho Fish and Game on Market Lake. John O'Neil of the F&G is going to make a presentation on the history and current management strategy for Market Lake as well as discuss some opportunities for the IWA to help out up there this spring.

The meeting will be held at the Idaho Falls Fish and Game Office on Wednesday, February 20 at 7pm.

Even if you don't hunt Market Lake come on out. We'll talk about IWA a bit and also discuss some of the incredible prizes that we've lined up for the 2008 membership drive next month! So far we have at least $1500+ worth of prizes...for your $25 membership you have a very good chance of winning new custom calls, hand carved decoys, brand new Muddbuddy Boat Blind ($650 value), sure cycle systems and chokes and many, many more prizes!!!
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