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Jordan lake duck hunting spots

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Hey i was wondering if anyone can help me out on telling me some spots i can try to hunt at jordan lake in order to kill some ducks. i hunt harris lake often and would trade any infomation of where the "hot" spots are. i have hunted at jordan lake but all i have seen are few ducks flying high, and a bunch of them federally protected ducks. anything will help...


travis h.
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There are hot spots on harris? sweet.... I figured noone hunted that lake since all I see is fisherman when I hunt there on Monday, wed, and thursdays.
hahahaha I knew that was you... figured my other post would get a rise out of you. You got me confused with someone else though. I have never ever hunted with Darrell. I do know someone who use to help him out though and have hunted with him. I have hunted with you though if you are the one with the canoe on top of your car.

Hope your HIV comes back negative I know your life partner would hate to train someone else how to get pass the gag reflex. shoot me a PM.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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