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I just got back from a jump shoot out west. me a this guy I meet the other day went out west for a day of jump shooting. pulled up to this pond and it was full of geese. we crawled up to 15 yrds before they got up. we pulled 4 down out of them and the creek that goes out exploded with ducks. we walked the creek down and shot about 5 green heads then turned to head back and saw the ducks going back into the ponds. so we move back up and found a spot just a bit away and hid. well the we finished our duck limit fast. just as we were about to leave we heard a honk. so we got down. those geese we on there way back. we jumped up when they we 30 yrds out and pulled our last 2 we needed to get our limit. oh all greenheads but 2 greenwing teal. what a great hunt :salude:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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