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Just bought first boat

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I just bought a 1997 18ft lowe roughneck with a 1998 yamaha pro 60 and trailer. Tax, title, and registration for $5,900. Boat is in good shape, has cd player, 4 speakers, lights. the motor had just been gone through and has power trim.. Im very excited i cant wait to get this thing in the water.
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Thats great! :thumbsup: I have been thinking about buying a boat that is close to that.
I would of liked to come across a deal like that. I've been looking at Trackers at Bass Pro. Something in a 16 foot model, 40-50 HP motor. They're just so damn expensive and the interest rates on "leisure items" is high.
i have a lowe roughneck there nice lots of room. congrats :thumbsup:
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