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Please take us with you :help:

Hey I am here in Wichita until friday after Thanksgiving visiting my wifes parents and was wondering if any of you fellas would like to take me and my dog to tag along while you shoot the birds and my lab retrieves them for you. She has been mainly duck hunting for many seasons now and is doing very well. If any of you guys ever are down in Albuquerque I would be more than happy to repay the favor. I took my dog (Nikki) for a walk along the train tracks here in Maize KS, and she scared up 4 pheasant a 2 coveys of quail in less than an hour. I just have to say there are more birds here in the midwest than there are in the desert. I was stationed in Enid OK for a few years and miss the quality of upland game hunting big time.

Hey beer breakfast what ever, it's on me give my Nikki a chance at these birds and we will have a good time
Please call me :salude:

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